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to share your audio & video files, at home on all your multimedia supports.


Download HomeCast Media Center and start broadcasting your own music and video.

Download the version corresponding to your system.

Check out what's new in last release 2.1.3.

Software System File
HomeCast Media Center Windows 7,8,10 - x64 (64bits) homecast-x64-2.1.3.exe (27mb)
HomeCast Media Center Windows 7,8,10 - win32 (32bits) homecast-win32-2.1.3.exe (26mb)
HomeCast Media Center MAC O.S To come
HomeCast Media Center RaspBerry Pi To come
HomeCast Encoder Dash-MPEG, HLS encoder To come
HomeCast-Video Android HomeCast-Video App (apk v2.1.10 - 9mb)
HomeCast-Music Android HomeCast-Music App (apk v2.1.10 - 10mb)
HomeCast sources C/C++/Asm/Java/Javascript/Lua HomeCast sources (~350mb)

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Try HomeCast Free library of Videos and Musics, often updated to test and enjoy HomeCast Media Center power online. With HomeCast Media Center, you can do the same with your own audios & videos.


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Samples media

In order to test HomeCast with all its features, here are some test files.

Media Description File

Angel One

Dash & Hls sample

Source Star Trek: The Next Generation

Video size: Adaptive
Audio: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish
Subtitles: Grec, French, English, Portuguese
Duration: 1 minute (33mb)

Big Buck Bunny

Transmux test, no transcoding.

Source Blender Fundation

Video: Non-Adaptive H264
Video size: 630x360 Audio: AAC - Stereo (2C) Subtitles: None
Duration: 1 minute
big buck bunny.mp4 (6mb)

Honey Bee - 4k

4k transcoding video test. Hardware acceleration encoding/decoding card is needed for good results.

Source 4K sample

Video: Non-Adaptive H264
Video size: 4096x2304 Audio: AAC - Stereo (2C) Subtitles: None
Duration: 20 secondes
honey bees - 4K.mp4 (34mb)

Weird dog discussion

Multiple subtitles mkv file.

Source Ver-Vert Studio

Video: Non-Adaptive MPEG4
Video size: 480p
Audio: AAC - Stereo (2C)
Audio: French, English
Subtitles: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Duration: 1 minute
To come

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