Nevers - Bourgogne

Ver-Vert Studio

Free and simple solutions

to share your audio & video files, at home on all your multimedia supports.


Ver-Vert Studio is a small company based in city of Nevers in the Burgandy region. We are proud and attached to our 'Nivernaise' origins. Skills are abundant in this land in the middle of the Loire Valley, full of history, rich in architecture and literature.

Our beliefs

We believe in something, that free software is the heart, soul and future of software. For many years, we have contributed to this world, especially in the field of video. The passions that drive us are video, music and all new technology. Far from the geek world, all members of our team are either musicians or artists and above all creators.

Why do we create and distribute free programs ?

The answer is simple : we create programs that we need or that we are not pleased with in their current form. Creating, sharing our ideas, project management and especially the technological challenge are the drivers of our business. We want to share our software with the world. Besides, our greatest reward is your satisfaction and your recognition by using our products.

  • Ver-Vert Studio, what a strange name !

    Ver-Vert is the name of the parrot in a poem composed year 1734, 'Ver-Vert or the trip of the Parrot of Nevers' by Jean-Baptiste Gresset. This innocent and pious parrot died of candy indigestion. Ver-Vert is the symbol of the city of Nevers and as such, our emblem. It is possible to read this poem in french on the website of the BnF (French National Library).