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How to install?

There is nothing easier, follow the instructions of this video and start sharing your music or video now!

Whant to know more on how to setup your HomeCast Media Center ?

How to setup your homecast?


For more information on how to install our software, consult our support!


Soon to come


April 2018

You will soon be able cast with your SmartTV.


Jully 2018

Raspberry Pi 3B
Use your Raspberry Pi as a 'Chromecast'.

MCast & VCast are free applications without advertising.
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Windows Ver-Vert Server setup

MCast & VCast is include inside Ver-Vert Server setup.

Android applications

Ver-Vert Server is needed in order to use mobile apps.

Android apps without Google Play Store (you will need to manually install apps on your android device, prefer Google Play Store if you can).

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