MCast, connected audio player.

Easily listen your musics from your mobile, tablet, computer and TV.


MCast is a centralized audio player that allows you to play the music from your computer, on all your connected devices via a web browser or the MCast mobile app.


MCast integrates the essential features of an audio player, without the unnecessary features and gives you easy access to your audio library.


MCast is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE 11 and +, Opera, Safari.

Manage your playlist

Create, edit, and share your playlists.


Play your music on your TV, home theater, wireless through your Chromecast.


MCast sorts your music according to the artist, album and genre.


MCast integrates a simple and efficient search engine.

Mobile App

An Android MCast application is available, it brings additional features (such as offline playback). Rendez-vous at Google play - MCast

Social networks

Share your comments, your opinions on social networks.


Modify the labels of your files (format IDTAGV2.4). Also supports associated covers.


The application is available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Chinese.

How to install your MCast audio player

There is nothing easier, follow the instructions of this video and start sharing your music now!

MCast is characterized by a clean user interface, simple and intuitive to use.